How Do I Embrace The Unknown | BY Ebony Brown

I found myself contemplating the value of embracing the unknown about people, situations, and things. This desire to know more than what is being shared or communicated with me is slowly but surely becoming an evaporating preoccupation. Information that isn’t willingly or initially offered is probably either, none of my business, worth waiting for – minus the probing, or certified mental trash, namely stress. Embracing the unknown in all of these cases is just choosing peace of mind over otherwise and recognizing such moments as opportunities for introspection. | READ MORE ON BCGMAGAZINE | Photo Credit: BCGMAGAZINE


How can I grow, evolve and do better despite what people say? | By Ebony Brown

There are those who will remind you of your missteps and ill choices, despite your growth and progress, regardless of the many layers that comprise you and so I say to you, stay strong.  There are those who will attempt to keep you in a box, like a Polaroid snapshot  picture, remembering you as the exact person that you once were and reject, refuse to accept, learn, or even experience the miracle and beauty that you’ve become, or possibly were all along. Some will choose to amplify your shortcomings and flaws, and harp on all that is wrong with you, but the thing is, that’s their prerogative – so let them! Just live your life and do what makes you happy. Easier said, than done, I know. | READ MORE ON BCGMAGAZINE |  Photo Credit:  Léa Dubedout on Unsplash

How do I trust the decisions I make? | By Ebony Brown

When you make a real HEART decision, it's pure. And no matter the outcome, you should feel good about it, because for what it's worth, you took the risk. Hopefully you did your best, or tried, and you no longer have to wonder, or question, or be involved in something that doesn’t serve you or those involved. | READ MORE On BCGMAGAZINE | Photo Credit: Tachina Lee on Unsplash